PYRÉNIA benefits from the proximity of many vocational schools which offer CAP/ BEP (a two-year vocational diploma) and “Bac +5” (Master Degree) and train on-site young future talents especially in the fields of mechanics, ceramics, composite materials, mechanic-welding…

Lycée des métiers de l'industrie Jean Dupuis
PROJET DITECH,Hautes-Pyrénées Industrial, territorial, Employment and Skill Development.


Hautes-Pyrénées Industrial, territorial, Employment and Skill Development.

The setting up of a training facility on the PYRÉNIA campus (in September 2018) will transfer and help develop the training centre currently located within the Arsenal of Tarbes (formerly known as GIAT buildings).

It is precisely to meet the needs of metal industry companies experiencing worker shortages and where high qualified training is required: from apprenticeship/CAP to engineering diploma. These diplomas are specific to the sectors of Aeronautics, Ceramics, Mechanics, Rail and Composite materials…

ditech - training


AFPI ADOUR, CFAI ADOUR, Jean Dupuy vocational high school (in partnership with Airbus), ASCOT, IFI Peinture, ENI Tarbes, Association Héritage Avions Morane Saulnier, IUT.


Skills for all project promoters.

The aim is to train future young talents and offer them job opportunities through apprenticeship.

CAP and BAC PRO training courses which are now provided by about 10 teachers in the fields of metallurgy, welding and aerostructure assembly are completed by new Bac et Bac+2 training courses specialized in CND (Non destructive testing) and in Industrial Painting.

The whole project of «l’Industrie du futur» is implemented by the UIMM (Union of Metallurgies Industries) in partnership with the ALSTOM, DAHER and PYRÉNIA consortium. Concerning the pedagogical partners, PYRÉNIA benefits from the existing links with Jean Dupuy Vocational High School, the IUT of Tarbes (University Institutes of Technology) and the ENI of Tarbes (National Engineering School) and from a lasting partnership with industrial players involved in the economy of the Hautes Pyrénées (Alstom, Daher, AAA, ADB, Segnere, SCT, Boostech, Pall Exekia…).

These block-release training courses guarantee students full employment after completing school.

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